Could your home have an asbestos problem?

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When was your home built? During the twentieth century, one of the most commonly used building materials was asbestos. If your property was constructed then or if work was carried out on an earlier property during that time, then there is a likelihood that asbestos was used in your home and could still be present even though today there is a nationwide ban on the use of asbestos. The existing asbestos might be in a visible location, or it might be hidden away in your walls or elsewhere in your framework. Asbestos which is undisturbed is not a serious threat to the health of your family, but if the asbestos were to become damaged or disturbed due to repairs or renovations taking place, then there is a risk that you can't afford to ignore.  

Professional asbestos disposal

Asbestos disposal is a hazardous process, and you cannot undertake it yourself; you must call a certified asbestos disposal company. If you allow the asbestos to be disturbed, the tiny dangerous fibres could float freely through the atmosphere and get into your lungs where they can cause serious diseases such as asbestosis. The asbestos disposal company will be able to supply qualified staff who know exactly what they need to do to take the asbestos out of your home safely.

Is asbestos present?

If you are concerned that you might have asbestos on your property, then you will need to arrange for a test to determine for certain whether or not you have a problem. Asbestos is not easy to identify by visual inspection since there are numerous substances that resemble asbestos but that are actually harmless. To see whether or not the suspect material is actually harmful, you must have it examined by a laboratory. They will check the material and see what it may be.

Working with an asbestos disposal company

When you need to call in an asbestos disposal company, there are several issues that you may want to discuss with them in advance of their visit. Primarily, they will want to know precisely where the asbestos is and how easily they can access it. In addition, they may want to know whether they will have access to water and electricity supplies for their equipment. Depending on the location of the asbestos, they may also be required to notify your neighbours about the asbestos disposal or properly ventilate your property prior to their arrival.

To learn more, contact an asbestos disposal company.

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